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Fort Worth Annual Benefit Dinner
By Tim Johnson, V.P. of Development

April 15, 2014 was a date that was important to a lot of people. For many it was tax day, for others, it was marked as Passover, but for Lifeline Chaplaincy it was more than just another tax day, it was a day that Lifeline Chaplaincy celebrated its ministry in Tarrant County and the surrounding area.

Each year, Tarrant County holds an annual banquet honoring its volunteers, donors, and staff, while using the opportunity to share the Lifeline ministry with those who might not have heard about our ministry of grace.

This year, more than 200 people attended the event and more than $110,000 was raised to help support the ministry in Tarrant County and the rest of the state. It was an evening filled with beautiful music, good food, great company, and open hearts.

Michael Hix returned to his role as emcee for the event, bringing his humor and professionalism to the podium. Michael, a member of the Burleson Church of Christ, is very active and supportive of Lifeline’s mission. This was Michael’s third year to be the emcee of the event.

Amy Stroup of Nashville, Tennessee provided the entertainment for the evening. Amy is considered to be one of the most promising singer/songwriters around. Her talent has been featured on several national advertising campaigns as well as many network television programs. Amy masterfully selected songs that she felt would add emphasis and importance to the event. Amy did not require any coaching or explaining as to our mission because she has known about Lifeline Chaplaincy for several years. Amy is the daughter of Jesse and Barbara Stroup. Jesse is Lifeline’s Director of Spiritual Care in Dallas.

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The annual Gala is also a time when Lifeline honors some very special individuals and churches. Three awards are given each year to honor deserving individuals, groups, churches, and/or organizations.

The Caryl Fry award is presented each year to honor one of Lifeline Chaplaincy’s pastoral care volunteers. This year’s recipient is David Williams. David visits the hospitals almost every Sunday and a few times during the week. He is also an Elder for the Westworth Church of Christ in Fort Worth.

Lifeline also honors those volunteers who serve in a capacity other than pastoral care by presenting the Golden Service Award to a worthy volunteer. This year’s Golden Service Award recipient is Ethel Melendy. A member of Western Hills Church of Christ, Ethel serves by sewing our comfort items for patients and their caregivers.

The third recognition is the Legacy Philanthropy Award. This award is named in honor of the Legacy Church of Christ who was instrumental with a large monetary gift in the beginning of Lifeline Chaplaincy’s work in Tarrant County. The Legacy Philanthropy Award is given to an individual, church congregation, or group that has shown leadership and devotion through a financial commitment. This year’s honor is given to the College Hill Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas. This congregation has been one of the longest, continual donors in the area.

Everyone who attended the event was blessed by many stories of how Lifeline Chaplaincy has touched lives and comforted those who needed comforting.

Descent Into Darkness:
A Pastoral Reflection
By David Martin, Director of Spiritual Care, Tarrant County

"Alzheimer's," she said.
"Scary." I said.
"Terrifying," she said.
I said nothing.

The silence hung in the room like a rain swollen cloud.

Then, "What part terrifies you the most?" She said, "Not being aware that God is there."

I chewed on that one for a moment.

Then, "Can you think of another time in your life when you were not aware of God's presence, but later discovered He was?

It was her turn to mull it over.

I pursued. "How about when you were 6 months old? Was God there even though you were not aware of it?"

She said, "I never thought of that!" So we got into it together, exploring the lengths to which God pursues and guards us, even into Alzheimer's.

And it became abundantly clear to both of us-- fear of God’s absence doesn’t always have a basis for reality.

It was a blunt conversation, but sacred in its honest assessment. When we prayed, she extended her hand, and together we plunged into that space where God is always present.

Even in our darkness.

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